The tipping point


At the moment crews are enjoying light SW bringing them south slowly but without tacking. Wind is currently dropping and the transition to SE will go trough a frustrating period of no wind. This should change in few hours when SE is expected to fill in and make the progress south for the “long coursers” more tactical and tougher. The SE is expected to built towards the morning peaking at 15kt with gusts not stronger than 20kt.

Follow the forecast on the Croatian Meteo office website.

The 27s have about 1.5 to 2h to the decision point at Komorica Island. AUT58 with Manuard/Gorec is still firmly holding the lead with Vikings on DEN73 close behind. On the third place the “stealth” AUT4 with Plevnik/Presen is committed to catch up and fight for the top places. Most of the 27s are expected to continue on the long course so things are still wide open.

The first 18s are expected to reach the tipping point just over the midnight. Before the start 3 of them kept the long course open – the SLO83, GER120 and the GER177 so it will be interesting to see what happens there. Conditions look reasonable and they shouldn’t be to tired from the conditions so far. Last year winners the father/son team of Jermans on SLO128 took the lead with SLO83 and SLO315 breathing down their neck.

Japanese crew on the Seascape 24 announced to follow the short course so they will most likely be the first boat to cross the finish line in Jezera around 0300-0400 am