The Legends of the long route

Every person among us has his own challenge, and here, on SeascapeChallenge, every sailor chooses his challenge, whether it is the short or the long route. It is all about your experience and expanding your comfort zone.

Last year we were amazed by the two guys that decided to do a long route in a Seascape18. Even though the SeascapeChallenge was inspired by the singlehanded 134NM event, Silverrudder, with Seascape18 among finishers every year, we are always excited to see that more and more Seascape sailors are expanding their horizons.

Last year it was Nikica and Draško, finishing with unforgettable smiles on their faces. This year it was Jochen and Thomas.

Jochen Denkena, apart from being a wonderful guy, is a president of a German Seascape18 association, Seascape18 owner and passionate shorthanded sailor. Thomas Nielsen is a sailor from US, with enormous experience in adventure races, like Race2Alaska, who decided to fly over just to be a part of SeascapeChallenge. Jochen and Thomas met two days before the race and enjoyed their 134NM together. All that I can add is, thank you for being an inspiration to all of us!