Prize giving

Last year we had 10 teams that shared our idea and supported us by joining the first SeascapeChallenge. This year we were proud to take 18 teams, 36 sailors on another adventure. Being an international class, we had guests not only from Europe, but from all around the world: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Japan and USA.

We couldn’t have wished for a better weather, beautiful 5 days in Jezera with perfect wind conditions. This years race was a bit slower than last year, however, we can say that all sailors were enjoying sailing among numerous islands and rocks, especially rounding amazing lighthouse Blitvenica, far out in the open sea.

It is always pleasure to meet people who decided to experience something new and different, searching for excitement and pure joy of sailing. We had father and son teams, friends teams, but also, sailors who met for the first time and sailed together.

Congratulations to all sailors who accepted the challenge, who trusted us, inspired us and helped us creating an amazing experience. Looking forward to SeascapeChallenge 2017!