Expecting the 134M fleet

We are in the 20th hour of the race, expecting the first teams to arrive within few hours.

Report from GER 4
We are coming back home! 🙂
After very tricky night with GER 32 all the time quite close behind us we lost most of the lead in the morning, sitting in no wind area around Tmara. We’ll just turn the most southern point of the route with half a mile lead and we are coming back home. Don’t forget on promised goulash 😉
Bodo and Tit


Ora Blu with Bernd and Jacob is still within striking distance for challenging GER 4’s victory. It will come down to playing the shifts to the approach to the last way point.

DSC_4120 copy

Lukas and Philippe from SUI 16 report:
We are following the tracking and are very pleased with our progress in relation to the leading pack. Must say, it is challenging but definitely in a good spirit.

DSC_4245 copy

Philipp and Sebastian are taking it a bit easier because of Phillipp’s old shoulder injury. However, they enjoy their time on the boat together! They still have to work their way upwind to Tmara island where they will be able to ease their sheets again.

DSC_4364 copy

CRO 3 with Nikica and Draško on board are the only Seascape 18 team on the long route. Draško reports:
Blitvenica proved to be quite a challenge. Big waves made it tricky to see the wind gusts during the night which made us switching to safety mode and reefing the main. Of course, that was the opportunity for SUI 15 to pass us again. Nevertheless, the spirit is high!

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