Day 3 & 4 – Great people!

I am writing this on Sunday as we drive back home. The previous day was just too hectic to put some words down. We sent the other half of the fleet on their way at 8 am. Since then I haven’t stopped or taken a break (maybe I am lying a bit, but we’re not far from to the truth). My media crew and I got up just after 6 am and went out to deploy a drone to hover above the starting line. It was a shame that the wind that was holding us back on the previous day died off completely. That came as a surprise for some our competitors who were a bit late to start. Anyway, all of the Seascapes were soon out to expand their comfort zone.

Since I am taking a personal approach this time and I would like to spare you the boredom of describing who overtook who in the middle of the night and who finished where (you can check that in tracking and results section). I want to share more on the crews that have gathered in Jezera. A few of them stand out so much they cannot be ignored. In a genuinely positive way!

First and foremost are our family teams, fathers with their sons or daughters. There were three teams of this kind this year. I can’t imagine a better family bonding time than sailing togeather. Jan Kobler and his seven (seven!!!) years old son Aleksander made an impressive run on the short route and came in second (second!!!). From Switzerland came Darius with father Philipp who is a regular participant of our events and now a close friend to the Seascape team. Nice addition to the predominantly male sport of sailing brought the daughter of Karlheinz Lisa who proved to be a skilled sailor. How awesome is that?

Special recognition goes to Lidija, the COO of Seascape. She never truly sailed before but had a real wish to join one of the regattas. Out of an office joke, she ended up on board with Andraž (for those who may not know him, he is one of the brains behind the creation of all Seascape sailboats, brand, and the CEO). He didn’t expect to fight for the podium before the start and went just for the kicks. Soon they both realised they make a great team out on the water as they do in the office. Unfortunately Bernd and Tit on board Ora Blue 2 crossed their plans with their unmatched downwind speed and won the long route in the Seascape27 class.

I would like to mention everyone and tell all the stories we created in this short few days because you became so dear to me and made this Seascape signature event truly unique, but someone forgot his ID somewhere so now we have to deal with border customs. That said thank you all! It was a pure pleasure. See you soon.

Small boats, big challenges, great people!

Yours truly, Vid.