Day 2 – Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

The wind has settled – a bit. And our bravest have assembled in front of the imaginary line between a yellow buoy and a grey boat. Some flags went up and then down followed by a whistle blow for every flag change, and with it, the fleet of 10 Seascapes (6×27, 1×24 and a pleasant surprise 3×18) got denser. The downwind start meant that things would get interesting soon. We were expecting the smallest 18s to be the first to deploy the chutes and be the first to start. Bullitt went full ballistic and did just that. But to be in front for such a long time was a surprise for all on the committee boat. All things must come to an end though, and the larger 27s caught on. Bullitt had a smaller mishap when in a broach at least one crewmember went (half) overboard. That will make their battle with the frigid night unimaginably harder.

Currently in the lead is the “factory racing team” AUT58 with Andraž Mihelin and a newcomer to the sailing sport Lidija Zaletel on board. They even managed to make some distance in between them and pursuing Vera helmed by Sven Møller and Mads Lildholdt. Closely behind you will find Bernd Görgner and Tit Plevnik on Ora Blue 2. In the 18 class Bullit (Miha Bajič & Dejan Presen) is in a hurry to get to finish and warmth. Second follows Little Devil (Blaž Kmetec & Goran Četkovič) and last but not least the far east team on Cheesecake (Sonoda Atom & Kudo Kohei).

We will keep an close eye on all of them out there just to make sure that everyone is OK.