Day 0 – Welcome back

All of you that have ever travelled to the starting point of your sailing trip or in this case regatta would probably agree that it always takes too long. This time around was no exception, at least for the Seascape media team. The snow storms we encountered on the way were all but forgotten when we came to the other side of the tunnels trough Velebit. Croatian coast welcomed us with its signature blue skies, occasional clouds and of course chilly temperatures that Bora wind brings.

More than half of the teams are already here! How great to see all the familiar faces (and quite some new ones) after the winter. Time for catching up on all that has happened over the last months, and it felt like we saw each other yesterday. Even the first timers blended in like they have been here all along. We spent a great first evening telling stories, welcoming new crews, tasting local cuisine and all in all having a good time! In the morning we meet again to see what’s the plan. If the weather permits we will go out sailing to warm up, otherwise we will stay in the safe haven of the harbour.